The Dominican Republic

     The Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking half-island Democratic-Republic nation (formed in 1924 after the first President was sworn in( that lies 18 28 N, 69 54 W.  Its capital, Santo Domingo, is a popular vacation spot with many fabulous resorts.  The country has about 9,365,818 people based on a 2007 census.  If traveling from the United States, it is one time zone (or one hour) ahead to Washing D.C., or Eastern Standard Time.  Its current President (and Vice President) are Leonel Frenandez and Raflael Alburquerque.



The Dominican Republic Flag


Map of the Dominican Republic


    The Dominican Republic is a very relaxed country where things may seem to be more polite than from where you are.  It is a coustom to tip street performers anywhere from $5 to $10 even for just a brief performance.  Above all in you trip to the Dominican Republic, enjoy yourself, and take in all the coustoms and traditions. 



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